Baron Rothschild and Me, Part 3

My checkered performance during l’Affaire de la Limousine had apparently put me in the Copperweld-Imetal doghouse, because I received no more assignments on that matter for a long time. read more »

Baron Rothschild and Me, Part 2

As I entered the huge corner suite occupied by the head of the litigation group I strolled by his secretary’s desk saying, “I assume he’s expecting me.” read more »

Baron Rothschild and Me

I had passed the bar exam and was working for a very large law firm in Pittsburgh. I was still so new I would get lost on my way to the men’s room. read more »

How Sharpe Is Your Ratio?

The Sharpe ratio is oversold. William F. Sharpe

If the Sharpe ratio didn’t exist, I swear the financial industry would have to shut down. Originally developed by William F. Sharpe in the 1960s – he called it the “reward-to-variability ratio” – Sharpe first described the ratio in a paper published in the Journal of Business in 1966. read more »

The Art of Peace, Part 13

The founding of the People’s Republic of China marked the end of the humiliation and misery the country has suffered. Chinese President Xi Jinping read more »

The Art of Peace, Part 11

If someone is victorious in battle and succeeds in attack but does not exploit the achievement, it is disastrous. Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Chapter 12 read more »

The Art of Peace, Part 8

Happy New Year!

After all the stupidity, all the lies, all the inflated body counts, all the unnecessary deaths, in spite of it all, by 1968 an American victory in Vietnam was within easy grasp. Even Westmoreland could have managed it. read more »