Welcome to my website! The site is designed to provide easy access to my books, blog, journal articles and white papers. The content on the site is updated at least once a week, as my blog posts come out every Friday. Other site pages will be updated as new articles, white papers and books appear.

Most of my work has an investment focus, at least in the broadest sense. Good investors – those who preserve and grow their capital across the decades and generations – are educated investors. Whatever aspect of the investment process they are working on, they know the difference between best investment practices and whatever everybody else is doing. This site is designed to help you be that informed investor.

Here is a quick snapshot of what’s on the site:

  • My bio. In short, I’ve been advising very substantial investors since 1979. Many of the clients I work with today are the grandchildren of the folks I started with way back when. You can check out Greycourt, the company I founded, here.
  • My blog. A new post appears every Friday. As noted, the blog has an investment focus, but I interpret that very broadly. So far there are nearly 200 posts, i.e., almost four years’ worth of the blog. If you would like to receive the blog via email (it’s free), you can do so here.
  • My books. I’ve published three investment books, a book of poetry, and I’ve edited two other books. More to come!
  • Articles. I’ve published scores of articles over the years, including articles in refereed journals, white papers, and newspaper and magazine articles.

I hope you find the site useful and interesting. Please let me know what you think by contacting me here.

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