I’ve published four investment books, a book of poetry, and I’ve edited two other books. They are listed here in order of the most recently published.

cover Advising the Ultra-Wealthy

Palgrave Macmillan, 2021

This book is designed to be a guide for financial advisors who wish to work with ultra-wealthy families and I hope it will also to be useful to other professional advisors and to families themselves. The book outlines all the major issues that must be dealt with in order to advise the most wealthy families successfully.

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cover Spitting Into the Wind: Best of the Blog 2013-2018

Lilting House Press, 2018

The best 100 posts from Greg Curtis’s popular blog are collected in this volume for easy reading and reference.

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book_preview_Emily Snitz-220H@2xEmily Snitz and Other Stories

Lilting House Press, 2017

This book of children’s stories and poems contains material that was written many years ago. The manuscript was recently found and slightly updated for publication. The book was illustrated by April Hartmann.

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book_preview_familycapital-220H@2xFamily Capital: Working with Wealthy Families to Manage Their Money Across Generations

John Wiley & Sons, 2016

The lifelong guide to effective family wealth management, Family Capital provides a unique and practical lesson on wealth management. Instead of lectures and dry discussion, this engaging book follows an archetypal wealthy family through several generations and collateral family units to show you what effective family capital management looks like long-term. You will actually listen in on meetings between the family and its wealth advisor as they grapple with the many challenges family investors face. Expert wealth advisor Gregory Curtis provides advice and insight along the way, explaining why each strategy is effective, and how you can put it to work for you.

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book_preview_workingforaliving-220H@2xWorking for a Living: Selected Poems

CreateSpace Publishing, 2014

Working for a Living includes poems written by Gregory Curtis over the course of more than forty years. During those decades, Curtis never worked for a college or university – which may make him almost unique among American poets.

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book_preview_thumbnailautobiography-220H@2xA Thumbnail Autobiography and Journal: My Life and Times in 20th Century America, by Vernon L. Curtis

CreateSpace Publishing, 2013

My Life and Times is the autobiography of Vernon L. Curtis, a member of America’s “Greatest Generation,” who was born during the Roaring Twenties, survived the Great Depression, fought in World War II and helped build America into the greatest civilization in history. The book was edited with an introduction by Gregory Curtis.

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book_preview_stewardship-220H@2xThe Stewardship of Wealth: Successful Private Wealth Management for Investors and Their Advisors

John Wiley & Sons, 2012

Indispensable advice for building a lasting financial legacy. Building wealth is hard to do, but maintaining that wealth across generations is even more challenging. In The Stewardship of Wealth wealth advice expert Gregory Curtis reveals the investment secrets of the world’s wealthiest families, so that financial planners, fund managers, and wealthy individuals everywhere can follow in their footsteps. Outlining the best practices for preserving and growing wealth, the book details exactly how to build a lasting financial legacy in the face of taxes, inflation, investment costs, and the conflicts of interest that are endemic to the financial advisory business.

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 Creative Capital: Managing Private Wealth in a Complex World

by Gregory Curtis, 2004

Building great wealth is enormously difficult. But maintaining that wealth across the generations is an even greater challenge. In Creative Capital: Managing Private Wealth in a Complex World, Gregory Curtis outlines the investment secrets of the world’s wealthiest families. These “best investment practices” for taxable investors represent the only certain way to preserve and grow private capital in the face of taxes, inflation, investment costs, and the conflicts of interest that are endemic in the financial advisory business.Managing capital successfully is naturally important to wealthy families themselves. But Curtis argues that the role of wealth goes far beyond private advantage.

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book_preview_pittsburgh-220H@2xPittsburgh: The Story of an American City

by Stefan Lorant, Derrydale Press, 2000

Pittsburgh: The Story of an American City follows Pittsburgh from its frontier beginnings through its evolution into the most heavily industrialized city in the world, to the city’s renewal of itself as “America’s Most Livable City.” This beautiful volume though, is much more than the story of a single city; it is the history of the United States. Gregory Curtis acted as managing editor for this edition of the book.

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