For nearly fifteen years I’ve been writing so-called “white papers” on a variety of investment topics. I also periodically write articles for publication in investment journals. The most popular of those articles and white papers have been collected on the Greycourt website. Listed below are some of the popular papers, with brief descriptions of each topic.

White Papers – Greycourt independent investment advisory firm

  • Greycourt White Paper No. 68: What Does Cost of Capital Mean?

    The concept of “cost of capital” is not just something financial analysts pay attention to. We also think it is useful and relevant for families to consider as they design and deploy their portfolios. Our White Paper No. 68 discusses what cost of capital means in a family investment context and how it affects strategic...

  • Greycourt White Paper No. 67: The Current Case for Equity Long/Short Hedge Funds

    Our clients—like many investors—perceive that equity long/short hedge funds have, on average, not done a very good job of either hedging market risk or beating broad passive equity indices following the end of the Great Financial Crisis and the beginning of the subsequent bull market. Those perceptions are correct and spur a question that we...

  • Greycourt White Paper No. 65: Investment Implications of a Biden Win

    President Biden’s proposed tax changes for corporations and wealthy individuals when he was a candidate are nearly identical to those recently proposed by his administration. This white paper (written when President Biden was still a candidate) examines how proposed tax policy changes might impact portfolio design and spending decisions. Download the white paper here »

  • Greycourt White Paper No. 66: China and the Investor’s Dilemma

    Many investors are flummoxed when it comes to investing in China. On the one hand, it is one of the largest investment markets in the world. On the other hand, there are serious investment, geopolitical and ethical issues associated with China. Indeed, there are few investment topics that elicit as much spirited debate among our...

  • White Paper No. 63: What Will You Do in the Next Crisis?

    The last couple of months have been extremely eventful for all of us. First and foremost, we hope that you and your families continue to be well and that you are finding ways to navigate these very uncertain times. All of this uncertainty can create a sense of fear, and in the words of Warren...

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