For nearly fifteen years I’ve been writing so-called “white papers” on a variety of investment topics. I also periodically write articles for publication in investment journals. The most popular of those articles and white papers have been collected on the Greycourt website. Listed below are some of the popular papers, with brief descriptions of each topic.

White Papers – Greycourt independent investment advisory firm

  • White Paper No. 64: Socially Responsible Investing for Families

    Socially responsible investing is a fast-evolving area of interest for wealthy families. It can come in many forms and there is a fair degree of complexity involved for families trying to implement a responsible investing program. Greycourt’s latest white paper – Socially Responsible Investing for Families – examines some of the important factors for investors...

  • White Paper No. 63: What Will You Do in the Next Crisis?

    As the long economic recovery and the long Bull Market enter their end games, investors need to be prepared for a market that could be far more dangerous than anything we’ve experienced for a decade. Download the white paper here »

  • White Paper No. 62: Quantifying the Value of Tax-Aware Decision Making

    What are some common strategies used to optimize after-tax returns and exactly how valuable are they to a client’s portfolio? Is tax-loss harvesting more valuable than after-tax portfolio design? How can we determine the value of asset location strategies? These are critically important questions for clients and their advisors which we explore in our latest...

  • White Paper No. 61: Should You be Worried about Liquidity in the Markets?

    How concerned should you be about market liquidity? What sectors of the markets would be most affected in a liquidity crisis and how might such a crisis begin? Is contagion to other market sectors a real concern? These are important questions for investors, however their portfolios are currently deployed. Download the white paper here »

  • White Paper No. 60: How Wealth Advisors Add Value

    Since the Financial Crisis, investor confidence in their advisors has plummeted. Clients are wondering exactly what it is that advisors are doing for them and how to measure how well they are doing it. In this white paper, Greycourt outlines in detail the types of advice wealth advisors should be giving, and how clients can...