Panic Is a Virus

We are certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic phase. Dr. Anthony Fauci, April 26, 2022 read more »

Stefan Lorant, Part 7

Although disaster had been briefly averted, the key word was “briefly,” as we’ll see in the final episode of this series, which I’ll call: read more »

Stefan Lorant, Part 6

Following the fiasco of the “crystal palace,” I decided to take sterner measures with Lorant. I called him up and told him that unless we could resolve the problem of the purloined photographs, it was unlikely the fifth edition of the Pittsburgh book would ever see the light of day. I also told him I knew perfectly well he had the Pittsburgh photos at his home in Lenox, Massachusetts, because people had seen them there. read more »

Stefan Lorant, Part 4

Pittsburgh: The Story of an American City was ubiquitous in Pittsburgh. It seemed as though everybody who was anybody had a copy, and some people had copies of every edition. read more »

Stefan Lorant, Part 3

Stefan Lorant was a dashing, debonaire fellow when he was young, and even in his late old age he remained attractive to women. One forty-year-old divorcée recalls having an affair with Lorant when the latter was in his eighties. “He was impossibly romantic,” she told me. read more »

Stefan Lorant, Part 2

Wherever Stefan Lorant went in his life – whatever job he held, whatever town he lived in, whatever nation – he had a remarkable knack for being in the right place and for sniffing out who the most important people were and meeting and befriending them. read more »

Stefan Lorant

Stefan Lorant, the pioneering photojournalist, was born at the turn of the twentieth century and died, ninety-six years later, at the century’s end. read more »

A Coat of Varnish, Part 8

China’s Xi Is Having a Really Bad War

Putin’s War Is Xi’s Worst Nightmare. Headline above Craig Singleton’s article in Foreign Policy read more »

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