A Coat of Varnish, Part 3

Let’s Talk Nukes

If a third world war is such a crippling worry, how can the premise of NATO be credible? Its effectiveness has always depended on the belief that NATO is indeed prepared to run the risk of nuclear war. Martin Wolf in the Financial Times read more »

A Coat of Varnish

I love quoting myself (it means I have to write less new stuff), so here is something I wrote in these pages about five years ago (okay, it’s slightly modified from then): read more »

On Agency, Part 12

Last week we examined the introduction into American law of so-called “group rights” and the failure of that collective agency movement to improve the lives of African-Americans – America’s most disadvantaged group. read more »

On Agency, Part 11

In my discussion of the extraordinarily high individual human agency in America I have deliberately omitted – until now – an important caveat: not everyone in the US has historically been, or is today, vouchsafed the same degree of agency. read more »

On Agency, Part 10

Going to America! Arkady Svidrigailov’s dying words as he commits suicide in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment read more »

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