Ukraine through the Lens of Cuba, Part 2

We are examining the nuclear threats propounded by Vladimir Putin during the Ukraine conflict through the lens of the nuclear threats propounded by his predecessor, Nikita Khrushchev, during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. read more »

Beating Long COVID, Part 3


Okay, I know you are disappointed, you were expecting more. Maybe the rediscovery of a century-old drug everyone had forgotten about but that had magical properties when it came to over-active immune systems. Maybe a new concoction made up of equal parts lithium and kryptonite. read more »

Beating Long COVID, Part 2

On December 28, 2021, despite being double vaxxed and boosted, I tested positive for COVID. So much for the vaccine’s 96% success rate. Over the following week my symptoms got worse and worse – basically, the flu-from-hell – and eventually I called my doctor. read more »

Beating Long COVID

Among the many things medical science didn’t anticipate about the pandemic was the phenomenon of so-called “long COVID.” People, many of whom were double vaxxed and boosted, got sick and never got completely better. read more »

Panic Is a Virus, Part 12

Norwegians, including those serving on the Koronakommisjonen, are so polite and self-effacing that one has to read between the lines to understand just how remarkable the country’s pandemic response was. It turns out it was that very modesty, that national humility, that was at the core of what made them successful. read more »

Panic Is a Virus, Part 10

I’m claiming that the final group of vaccine-hesitant people – anti-vaxxers, if you prefer – was “nearly all of us.” The reason is that the vaccines, which were actually a wonderful advance, were oversold to us, and as we gradually found that out our faith in the vaccines – and in medical science itself – plummeted. read more »

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