Richard Lugar, Part 9

As I mentioned earlier, the Republican convention was being held that year in Miami Beach and it was being run by Gerald Ford, then Speaker of the House. read more »

Richard Lugar, Part 7

Fortunately, most of my experiences in Dick Lugar’s office weren’t as creepy as the episode of “Drinking the Kool-Aid” or as alarming as “See No Evil.” There was, for example, the one I’ll call: read more »

Richard Lugar, Part 5

I arrived at the Mayor’s office a bit early, announced myself and took a seat in the waiting room. I had only been there a minute or two when a lady came out, told me the Mayor would be with me soon, and asked me to fill out a form while I was waiting. read more »

Richard Lugar, Part 4

In those days the Mayor of Indianapolis was a guy named Richard Lugar. Lugar was an unusual mayor, to say the least. He’d been first in his class in high school and college, had been a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford and was an Eagle Scout. He was as straight-laced and honest as a country parson. How he’d survived in politics was anybody’s guess. read more »

Richard Lugar, Part 3

One day I arrived at the MP station and saw a new announcement tacked up on the bulletin board. It was notifying everyone that, with the War in Vietnam winding down, nonessential personnel with only a few months left in the Army would be mustered out early. The Army needed to save money. read more »

Richard Lugar, Part 2

Just one more exciting episode from the 226th Military Police Company, and then I can move on to the main part of my story. read more »

Richard Lugar

Towards the end of my checkered career in the Army I found myself stationed at Fort Benjamin Harrison, a large Army base located outside Indianapolis. read more »