Goldie, Part 4

My client, Goldie, had spent many annoying decades conducting gold inventories in remote Swiss villages, and now I’d just been informed that it had been totally unnecessary. read more »

Goldie, Part 2

When Goldie asked me to conduct the gold inventory for her I’d simply assumed that her gold was stored in the vast vault under the Credit Suisse headquarters building on the Bahnhofstrasse in downtown Zurich. After all, she’d been a good customer of the bank for decades. read more »


The Golden Rule: She who has the gold makes the rules. The Wizard of Id (paraphrased to modify the gender) read more »

How Not to Be the College Guide, Part 2

The typical family unit on my tour was a mom, a dad, and a 17-year-old kid who was a prospective student. But one day an unusual unit showed up – a kid and his gorgeous older sister. Well, well, well, I thought. read more »

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