Panic Is a Virus, Part 6

We’re going over examples that demonstrate how difficult it is to “follow the science,” especially in the early months and years of something as novel and complex as COVID. Let’s take a look at the phenomenon of: read more »

Panic Is a Virus, Part 5

Last week I reported on the World Health Organization’s pigheaded approach to how COVID is transmitted – by droplets, they said, so we all needed to wash our hands constantly and sanitize all surfaces. Handwashing and sanitizing didn’t kill us – it was hygiene theater – but the panic engendered by WHO’s bad science did kill us. read more »

Panic Is a Virus, Part 4

I said, ‘Mr. Purple people eater what’s your line?’/He said, ‘Eating Purple people and it sure is fine!’ Sheb Wooley, 1958 read more »

Panic Is a Virus, Part 3


The mask controversy got off to a bad start when, early in the pandemic, the nation’s highest-ranking health officials flip-flopped on the issue. Here is Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams in February 2020: read more »

Panic Is a Virus

We are certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic phase. Dr. Anthony Fauci, April 26, 2022 read more »

Stefan Lorant, Part 7

Although disaster had been briefly averted, the key word was “briefly,” as we’ll see in the final episode of this series, which I’ll call: read more »

Stefan Lorant, Part 6

Following the fiasco of the “crystal palace,” I decided to take sterner measures with Lorant. I called him up and told him that unless we could resolve the problem of the purloined photographs, it was unlikely the fifth edition of the Pittsburgh book would ever see the light of day. I also told him I knew perfectly well he had the Pittsburgh photos at his home in Lenox, Massachusetts, because people had seen them there. read more »

Stefan Lorant, Part 4

Pittsburgh: The Story of an American City was ubiquitous in Pittsburgh. It seemed as though everybody who was anybody had a copy, and some people had copies of every edition. read more »

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